For enterprises we provide mobility solutions and platform to provide Internet of Things(IOT).


Every second we analyze huge amount of data to provide intelligent analytics to Enterprises.


For enterprises we provide well planned solutions for managing distribution, and automate routing to save cost.



To overcome the challenges in this industry like high fuel costs, driver behavior issues and driver shortages, improvement in fleet management is very important so that we can lower the operational costs, improve fleet visibility and achieve client and driver satisfaction. Benefits of Personal Tracking Solution • Max the return on your investment • Maximize […]


We can effectively monitor and analyze locations and conditions, create operational transparency and improve customer service models .It not only helps in saving time and money of the company by providing tracking of drivers but also provides exact routes your drivers travelled along-with complete route history. For Drivers • Reduce paperwork • Better customer satisfaction […]


We provide GPS based tracking solution with unique features for bikes.It provides real time location and movement of bike which can be monitored through smartphone at affordable price. It comes with inbuilt GPS device which can be installed easily in bikes.


We provide GPS based tracking for cars also, which enables you to track your personal car movement in real time which can be monitored through desktop as well as smartphone.This ensures safety of your vehicle from thiefs.This product will also help you in identifying the car misuse by your driver. BENEFITS: • Protect Your Elderly […]

Live Tracking

Track your investment anytime, anywhere! This feature gives you the ability to accurately check your asset`s live status with an exact location and vehicle activity.

Geo Fencing

This gives an operator the ability to create a map boundary. This will enable the operator to receive a notification every time a set boundary has been crossed.

History Playback

The ability to reflect on the past in order to create a more effective strategy for the future is a major factor to any business or individual in maximizing productivity.

Ignition ON/OFF Status

You can check the exact Ignition On/Off status of your Vehicle in real time from your Mobile App.

Anti-theft Alarm

When activated, any activity with Vehicle like Ignition on/off, device disconnection, will push an Instant sounding Alarm on Mobile App which will not stop until you dismiss it.


This feature provides you with a detailed account of your asset based on a time frame of your choice; you can monitor the status of your vehicle all the time.